Oral Presentation 24th Annual Lorne Proteomics Symposium 2019

Glycosylation in sparkling wines (#47)

Cassandra L Pegg 1 , Suchada Niamsuphap 1 , Benjamin L Schulz 1
  1. University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD, Australia

Sparkling wine is a high value product with commensurately high consumer quality demands. The quality of sparkling wines depends on both consumer expectations and the product's actual molecular composition, which is a complex and dynamic mixture of ethanol, carbon dioxide, and organics derived from grapes and yeast. Proteins are a key component of wines, but the details of the wine proteome remain largely unexplored. Here, we used SWATH-MS to study the proteome of sparkling wines. As expected, we identified a moderately complex mixture of proteins from grapes and yeast. Surprisingly, we also identified highly abundant glycopeptide fragments from secreted yeast proteins. Although these are abundant, and likely critical determinants of sparkling wine quality, they have not been previously reported. We present optimised methods for sample preparation and relative quantitative proteomics and glycoproteomics that will be useful in process and product quality control of sparkling wines and related beverages.