Robert Trengove 24th Annual Lorne Proteomics Symposium 2019

Robert Trengove

I am the Director of the Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory at Murdoch University and a Node Leader of Metabolomics Australia. I graduated from the University of Adelaide with Honours in 1979 and completed my PhD in the Department of Physical & Inorganic Chemistry in 1984 working on Diffusion and Thermal Diffusion in Binary Gas Mixtures to investigate Intermolecular Potentials with Peter Dunlop I was then awarded a postdoctoral position at Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, in the IUPAC Commission on Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry, Thermophysical Properties Data Centre from 1984-1986. I moved to Murdoch University the first time in 1986 after the award of one of the inaugural National Research Fellowships jointly with Terry Edwards in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and the Petroleum Engineering Division, Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty. Ltd. I was an ERDC and MERIWA funded Senior Research Fellow in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Natural Gas, Condensate and Phase Equilibria Group’ from December 1990 until January 1992. In 1992 I took up a lectureship in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Western Australia where I developed research in Supercritical Fluids, Separation Science and Mass Spectrometry. In addition, I began separation science courses for industry and taught in the Masters Degree in Oil and Gas Engineering. In 2000 I moved to the School of Engineering at Murdoch’s Rockingham campus where I coordinated and presented separation science and mass spectrometry training courses in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China together with industry partners. In 2004 I moved to the south street campus to teach in the Forensic Science and Toxicology Course and later Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the Masters in Pharmacy. I began Metabolomics research that led to the establishment of the Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory and a node of Metabolomics Australia and full time research and administration from 2008 onwards. Since 2008 I have taught “hands-on” courses in separation science, mass spectrometry and metabolomics for industry. We have also established an ISO/EIC 17025 accredited laboratory for pesticide residues in grains for the WA grain industry. The Murdoch Metabolomics Research and Translation Group is one of the leading Metabolomics research groups in Australia, and we have strong links with Metabolomics Centres in Europe and the USA. We undertake environmental, agricultural and medical metabolomics based research and particularly focus on the nexus between exposure and health.

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